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Training Overview
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Training Solutions

Depending on your situation, our associates will work with you to design a training solution that will address your needs.

One option is for us to design and conduct the sessions for your organization. Another, if it makes more sense for your own people to conduct the sessions, is to design the training and prepare facilitator materials and train-the-trainer sessions so your trainers/facilitators can deliver the programs within your organization.

Following is a listing of some of the training solutions we have prepared for other clients:


Depending on the level of the target audience, this workshop will use the Transformational Leadership model, the Situational Leadership model, or the Dimensions of Leadership model. Some areas of focus are:

  • effective leadership characteristics and strategies;
  • "leadership" vs. "management";
  • defininitions of primary qualities valued in leaders; and
  • matching leadership approaches to organizational needs.

Skill-building simulations are a key feature of this program, and an optional 360° assessment component can be incorporated.


Building Highly Effective Work Teams

Workshop for building empowered work teams focuses on the characteristics of good team players and leaders, looks at a model of effective teams, stages of team development, and methodologies for building teams. Utilizes video and group exercises. Depending on the client's needs, a Team Fitness assessment and feedback component can be included to facilitate the process.


Managing Change

Workshop focuses on the nature of Change, effects of Change on staff, and how to manage Change. Films, and individual/group exercises are used to drive home the critical points.


Managing Work Relationships

A workshop utilizing either the Social Styles or DiSC model to assess one's behavioral styles and learn how to work with other styles more effectively. Teaches the skills needed to "flex" to another style. Depending on the client, the course is tailored to meet specific relationship needs and may include more or less skill practices.


Conflict Management

Using the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Modes Instrument or DiSC questionnaire, assesses participant's style in dealing with conflict, and understanding of others' interpersonal styles. Also presents segments on the nature of conflict and how to effectively resolve it. Skills building exercises are used to help participants resolve conflict and focus on creative problem solving.


Communication Skills

Covers listening skills, setting performance agreements, providing feedback, dealing with defensiveness, and problem solving. Highly interactive and includes ample skill practice sessions to reinforce the skills presented.


Active Listening

Intensive skill-building workshop that focuses on verbal and nonverbal listening skills, discovering one's natural approach to listening, capitalizing on their listening strengths, learning how listening approaches impact listening effectiveness, overcoming listening barriers, and the strategies of reflecting.


Adventures in Attitudes

Focuses on creating a climate of empowerment, increasing self-awareness and affirming strengths, transforming negative attitudes into positive ones, increasing flexibility and overcoming resistance to change, and achieving new levels of performance through goal-setting techniques.


Management Development

Looks at the nature of Management/Supervisory work, the role played, and skills needed. Focus is on interpersonal skills, behavioral styles, planning, delegating, managing performance, and providing feedback.


Time Management

Workshop focuses on discovering one's own time management strengths, developing new skills for improved performance, concentrating on priorities, responding to opportunities, and learning about the twelve key strategies in managing time more effectively.


Discovering Diversity

Focus is on helping participants discover their personal comfort level with people different from themselves, understanding the impact of their behavior on others, assessing the accuracy of their knowledge about differences, limiting the influence of stereotypes, reducing conflict, transforming knowledge into acceptance and empathy, and embracing diversity as a source of organizational strength.


Outplacement Workshops

Workshops focus on what has happened and one's reaction to it, what one wants and what one feels are his/her assets & accomplishments, building the resume, the job campaign, letters, and effective interviewing.


Coping & Stress

The goals for this seminar are to create a comprehensive understanding of stress, identify the level of stress and satisfaction participants are experiencing in all four areas of life (personal, work, couple, and family), build upon current coping resources and stress management skills, and develop new coping resources and stress management skills.


Performance Management

Focuses on the Performance Management Cycle and teaches managers how to set objectives, monitor performance, provide feedback, write effective evaluations, and establish performance development plans.