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Developing and Coaching Others
Available for Classroom Delivery Available as Online Course Available as Blended Course
This 4-hour program is designed for 9-18 participants.
Program Overview:
Despite slogans that tell employees that they “are responsible for their own growth and development,” the reality is clear – without motivation, support, and coaching from managers, employees have a difficult
time developing their talents on their own.Research shows that the support and effective involvement of managers is the single most important factor in determining whether what an employee learns in a classroom transfers into behavior change on-the-job. Managers who are effectively involved in the growth and development of their employees make behavior change happen. It takes managers who
  • Continuously support and coach the development of their employees,

  • Positively impact learners before, during and after each element in a learning process,

  • Effectively handle “coaching moments” so that employees teach themselves.

Experience suggests, however, that many organizations do not require or equip managers to coach and develop their employees. Thus a lot of time, money, and resources invested in training and developing employees too often results in little to no behavioral change or performance improvement. That's why we created Developing and Coaching Others.
Program Description:
Developing and Coaching Others is about how managers can effectively and successfully develop and coach their team members to become better and more consistent performers. The program will help your managers learn the specifics of how they can effectively impact the learning process and coaching moments of their teams to make the difference.

What makes Developing and Coaching Others Different?

Developing and Coaching Others was developed to meet two objectives.

  1. To provide managers with skills and strategies to guide their people through a learning process, with specific tactics to help them “before,” “during,” and “after” training to ensure that behavior change is achieved.

  2. To provide managers with a “coaching moments” model to help their teams gain understanding and insight about their actions in a way that supports self-awareness with opportunities to learn and improve.
Organizational Impact:
With Developing and Coaching Others your leaders will be able to:
  • Increase the skill and capability of every member of their team.

  • Effectively handle coaching moments so that individuals make learning decisions themselves.

  • Maximize the on-the-job behavior change that results from a training and development intervention.

  • Develop a work environment of growth and development.