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Star Service
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Program Overview:
The customers' experience with your organization is everything. To your customer, it represents your entire organization. Research shows that while some customer experiences are negative and memorable for the wrong reason, the majority of customer experiences with your organization are "neutral" and highly forgettable. Neither "negative" nor "neutral" experiences help your organization develop the kind of long-term customer relationships you need to be successful.
As an organization, your goal is to achieve as many Positive Memorable Experiences as possible. When you are able to provide this experience, it is good for retaining customers, it is good for potentially growing business relationships, and it is good for potentially motivating customers to refer others to you, which can grow your business.
Program Description:
STAR Service is a new, powerful, half-day program designed to address the opportunity to improve customer experiences. Your service employees will learn the process and skills they need to provide customers with Positive Memorable Experiences. The clear, practical, four-step STAR Service Process™, coupled with the communication skills taught in the workshop, help your employees not only to transform negative and neutral customer experiences to positive and memorable transactions but also to reaffirm and enhance long-term relationships, the foundation of business success.
Program Details:
The Administrative Kit Includes:

  • Administrator's Guide that provides all information necessary to administer the course with agendas and instructions.

  • Slides and PowerPoint CD.

  • DVD of customer service neutral and positive scenarios.

Participant Material Includes:

  • Workbook containing information to be learned and exercises to reinforce and transfer that learning.

  • Memory Jogger Card (includes STAR Service Process™ on one side and the STAR Service Process™ with Communication Skills on the other).

STAR Service
S: Sync-up with the customer
T: Target to determine customer needs
A: Assist to meet the customer's needs
R: Reaffirm assistance and the relationship