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This program is designef ro 20 participants and runs two and one-half hours per day for four days.
Program Overview:
The cost of errors made by office personnel can be staggering. Even small typographical errors in letters or proposals reflect poorly on your organization and can discourage customers from working with your company. Proofamatics is a training course that will increase the accuracy of written communication through improved proofreading skills. This course teaches trainees which types of errors are most commonly made in written communications and provides a system for finding them.

Proofamatics delivers measurable improvement in finding errors. Proofamatics trainees average a 29% increase in their proofreading skills from pre-test to post-test. In addition, the organization will benefit from increased productivity and reduced costs. Any employee who generates or processes written communications will benefit.
Program Description:
Proofamatics is a classroom-based workshop introduced via a pilot course conducted by Vital Learning Corporation. The course provides several types of exercises from which participants learn a variety of crucial skills. Topics include: a grammar/spelling review, consistency in capitalization and style, and a proofreading system that enables trainees to search for specific types of errors. Participants also perform exercises designed to strengthen eye muscles, reduce eye fatigue, and relax stressed muscles.

Each course trains as many as 20 people in one session, which typically runs two and one-half hours per day for four days. Also, instructors are certified to teach Proofamatics in-house in an additional 6-8 hours of instruction. Instructors learn how to apply Proofamatics techniques to the organization's style.