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Number Skills
Available for Classroom Delivery Not Available as Online Course Not Available as Blended Course
Number Skills can be delivered in four 2-hour sessions or 2 four-hour sessions.
Program Overview:
"Sometimes what seems like the smallest error can lead to a huge difference in our numbers that can take hours to track down and correct. Just a few incorrect numbers can make the team look bad and create so much unnecessary work. We've got to be more accurate inputting numerical data."

With increased audit requirements and heightened corporate oversight, accuracy of data entry has become a critical aspect of business today. Keying, recording, transferring, and checking numbers requires both skill and technique to maintain accuracy and increase productivity.

Number Skills uses visual and listening exercises to enable the rapid and accurate perception of numbers and letter/number combinations. Feedback from hundreds of individuals helped identify various tools and techniques that increase efficiency and accuracy for those in positions that involve number transfer.
Program Description:
Using proven techniques, individuals practice new skills using video, audio, and workbook exercises. Participants analyze and drill on number patterns, so they develop the skills to quickly and accurately identify and transfer data to written or computer-generated documents. Participants achieve measurable increases in number accuracy, perception, and retention. To measure results, a Pre-and Post-Test is administered at the beginning and end of the four sessions.
Organizational Impact:

  • Laying the Foundation
    Examines the four elements of communication - a message, someone to send the message, someone to receive the message and the context within which the message occurs.

  • Building the Framework
    Focuses on the concepts and attitudes that influence effective communication.

  • Completing the Structure
    Participants work to identify their personal communication patterns, their effects on others, and develop solutions to barriers to effective communication.

  • Adding the Finishing Touches
    Provides insight into how to tailor messages to incorporate feelings and how to recognize the feelings of others.