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Hiring Winning Talent
Available for Classroom Delivery Available as Online Course Available as Blended Course
This 1-day workshop is designed for 6–18 participants.
Program Overview:
"Why do we still end up with hires that don't perform or fit in? There must be a better way."

Successful hiring doesn't start with a job posting and end when a candidate has been selected. Successful hiring is a structured process that begins with a clear, well defined and justified definition of what capabilities a good candidate must have to be successful and it ends with ensuring the selected individual accepts the offer and joins the organization in a totally positive way.

Hiring Winning Talent (HWT) provides the processes and tools required to master the art and science of identifying and winning great new employees - those that will perform in the top 20%.
Program Description:
Hiring Winning Talent (HWT) enables managers to implement a structured process that can really streamline and empower successful hiring. The program also focuses on the key skills required to interview candidates and ways to build team cohesion by involving team members in the hiring initiative.
Program Details:

  • Defining What You're Looking For - the position description, job competencies, and
    questioning strategies

  • Planning the Interview –hiring strategy, sourcing, resume screening, the
    interview team, great reasons to work here

  • Conducting the Interview – an appropriate climate, conducting the
    interview, responding to challenging interviewee questions

  • Making the Selection – decision-making guidelines, evaluating candidates,
    communicating with candidates

Organizational Impact:
Managers and team leaders will be able to:

Establish an efficient process that reduces the time it takes to interview and select a qualified candidate

Maximize new hires’ productivity by ensuring that candidates are a good fit for the job.

Ensure team cohesion and support for new hires by involving team members in the process.

Increase the retention of all new hires and reduce turnover during their first year on the job.