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Integrating assessment technology, training technology, and continual reinforcement


The ultimate goal of training and development has always been to achieve permanent, measurable improvements in performance that have a positive impact on business results.

But we all know that training — in and of itself — does not change behavior.

Train-to-Ingrain is a uniquely structured performance improvement methodolgy adopted by OnTrack Training which integrates assessment technology, training technology, and continual reinforcement to help managers effect lasting performance improvements in their organizations.

By combining our world-class Vital Learning training programs, the power of 20/20 Insight GOLD automated feedback assessments, and our Train-to-Ingrain methodology, we help ensure that your investment of time and money in training and development pays off.

Two Imperatives

The Learning Triangle

At the heart of Train-to-Ingrain are two imperatives:

1. Integrating assessment and training with enough follow-up reinforcement so that newly learned skills and practices are permanently ingrained as improved individual performance

2. Involving direct managers as workplace performance coaches of their subordinate team members throughout this ongoing assessment, training and reinforcement process The result is a mutually supportive partnership among learners, their direct managers and training staff—referred to as the "Learning Triangle."

Eight Critical Areas

Train-to-Ingrain focuses on eight critical areas to give organizations a realistic, reinforcement-intensive method for transferring classroom learning to permanent improvements in workplace performance.

  1. COMMITMENT – Support follow-up reinforcement
  2. COACHING – Prepare direct managers for their development role
  3. FOLLOW-UP – Integrate reinforcement programs with assessment and training programs
  4. ACCOUNTABILITY – Measure performance improvement and calculate ROI
  5. TRAINING FOR TRANSFER – Incorporate learning strategies that promote application and reinforcement of skills
  6. LEARNING NETWORKS – Coordinate support for the learner
  7. FOCUS – Identify training needs that will have a positive impact on business results
  8. CULTURE – Align the organization's policies and practices to support performance improvement

Customized Solutions from OnTrack Training

We know that no two organizations are the same. Therefore, while Train-to-Ingrain is a structured methodology with firm principles based on decades of research, OnTrack Training will design a customized training and development program that takes into account your organization's unique performance issues, management structure, and in-house training and development resources.

If you're tired of throwing money at training programs that seem to lose their effectiveness before the trainer has boarded his or her plane for the flight home, contact OnTrack Training for a free, no-obligation consultation. We're serious about training and development that results in performance improvement. We're serious about Train-to-Ingrain.