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Products Overview

OnTrack Training:
Our clients deserve the best, and that's what we offer. And we haven't tried to reinvent the wheel. From our years of research and experience, we've established partnerships with organizations that produce proven tools that help you reach your goals—tools that undergo constant scrutiny, validation, and revision. Need more guidance? Take advantage of OnTrack Training's consulting expertise to select the right tools for your organization and to get the most out of them.

Learning Instruments Selected With Care

OnTrack Training has carefully selected learning instruments that are specially suited to the learning styles and needs of adults. Our broad array of diagnostic and learning instruments target your organization's specific issues, concerns, problems, and challenges in the following areas:

  • leadership
  • behavioral styles
  • listening skills
  • 360° feedback, and
  • organizational or team development
Products from Inscape Publishing

Formerly "Carlson Learning Company", Inscape Publishing is an undisputed leader in the development of diagnostic and learning tools. As an authorized distributor for Inscape, OnTrack Training offers each of Inscape's products for sale and provides training to help you utilize these tools.

DiSC Indra

In today's streamlined, collaborative organizations, strong relationships yield enhanced creativity, increased productivity, greater job satisfaction, and reduced conflict. DiSC® Indra™ is an easy-to-use learning tool that helps people understand and improve workplace relationships

20/20 Insight GOLD 360° Assessment

Do you wonder how your customers perceive you? How satisfied your workforce is? How effective your own in-house training programs are? If so, 20/20® Insight GOLD's assessment tools may be just the solution for you! Use these tools to create your own 360° Feedback Programs, Climate Surveys, Culture Surveys, and Customer Satisfaction Surveys.


Train-to-Ingrain is a uniquely structured performance improvement methodology adopted by OnTrack Training which integrates assessment technology, training technology, and continual reinforcement to help managers effect lasting performance improvements in their organizations.

Products from Vital Learning Corporation

In partnership with Vital Learning Corporation, OnTrack Training offers proven training curriculums that focus on core skills that really matter and on training methods that really work in order to enhance the performance and productivity of a broad range of employees from entry-level personnel to Senior Managers. Most of these curriculums are available as Online, Classroom and Blended (part Online, part Classroom) training sessions.

Products from MindFrames

OnTrack Training offers MindFrames, the world's most revealing brain-based personality test. Take the online MindFrames personality test just once and receive up to 5 reports if you're interested in learning about: the long-term prospects for your current romantic relationship; losing weight; further developing your personality strengths; communicating better with people; or discovering your unique personality.

Other Products

OnTrack Training offers many other diagnostic and learning tools to help you address key needs in your organization. Our associates can provide you with tools and consulting expertise that focus on such issues as:

  • Team Development
  • Career Development
  • Quality
  • Self-Improvement